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                                             DEV ANAND

  • MARRIAGE    

In one midnight in 1954,on the sets of film 'Taxi Driver',the cameraman was told to shut off the lights.Suddenly,the hero of the film holding the hand of the heroine,took her to the art room and they both exchanged their rings in the presence of marriage registrar and became husband-wife forever.This incident was not a part of that film but a real life story and the man who created  this whole unplanned scenario was evergreen actor Dev Anand and the lady was legend actress Kalpana Kartik.Her real name is Mona Singh.They kept their marriage secret for about a week and her parents came to know about it after 10-12 days.But they responded positively to their marriage.Afterwards,their marriage faced a lot of ups and downs but both managed to live together sharing the same roof till date but she do not take any interest in his public life.
         WITH SURAIYA                                                                  

Dev Anand has always been famous for his before and after marriage affairs.He is a kind of person who easily got carried away romantically on any sweet proposal from beautiful and attractive ladies in his young ages.But among so many ladies in his life,reknowned singer-actress SURAIYA was his passionated true love.They did seven films together and their love story got revealed publicly during the shooting of film 'Afsar'.Both loved each other madly and tried hard to get married but their different religions created a great rift between them.Suraiya's maternal grandmother was dogmatically against their marriage and she threatened Suraiya that if she would marry with Dev,she will kill herself.Though Suraiya's mother was sympathetic towards their love but the grandmother had a strong influence on her.So,for the sake of her grandmother,she decided to get separated with Dev forever.Before departing,both arranged a last private meeting on the top most floor of her apartment and after meeting,both cried like a child for more than few minutes hugging each other.Suraiya also threw the ring gifted by Dev along the seaside.She remained a spinster throughout her life.She died on 31 Jan,2004 at the age of 75.Untill her death,she lived in her apartment on Marine Drive in Mumbai.


Departing from suraiya,Dev was completely shattered and wanted to end his life but was saved by his brother Chetan Anand.He made him realize the importance of his career more than his love.Further moving ahead towards his career,Dev found hot and sexy actress ZEENAT AMAN.Influenced by her talent and beauty,he gave another chance to his heart to beat for another lady.He was all set to propose her.One night,he asked her to go out on a date with him,she agreed but insisted to go to a party the same very night before going on a date and both went to the party.But in the party,Zeenat's real face became visible to Dev.Actually,he saw actor -director Raj Kapoor flirting with Zeenat in a drunken mood and embracing her greedly.But the worst part of this incident was that Zeenat also responded to him in the same fashion infront of Dev.This struck Dev a lot and he said good-bye to this relation with a heavy heart.


Apart from two serious love affairs with two reknowned actresses,Dev Anand had gone through many crushes on so many ladies.His first ever crush of his life in his teen ages was on his history professor's daughter whom he never dared to propose.Another was his almost affair with a Czech interpreter which made her wife furious.There was also an on-off relation with an Irish student at Cambridge while she was working as a cleaner in his Swiss Hotel.He also shared a room with Marlon Brando's assistant in France.The news of his long-standing affair with niece of a famous star was also rumoured.Another was with  Air India Stewardess and many more like this............Above all affairs,the most sensational was that he and the famous actor Guru Dut slept with the same woman but her name was not revealed.