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                               RAJESH KHANNA


kaka and dimple wedding pic - rajesh-khanna photo

The god of his era,the most lovable and adorable person by his fans,in simple words,the first superstar of hindi cinema,RAJESH KHANNA was born on dec 29,1942 in Amritsar and was brought up by his foster parents,His real name was Jatin Khanna.He got his name'Rajesh Khanna' after entering into the film industry in 1966 with the film "Aakhri Khat".After this,he never stopped and continued giving consecutive no. of hits and blockbusters.Suddenly,in 1973,he surprised his whole fans by marrying only a 16 years old girl DIMPLE KAPADIA,who was also from the film industry and had just given a blockbuster hit film "Bobby".She was almost 16 years younger than him.
At the time of their marriage,both were at the peak of their carrer.Despite their success,both decided to get married.Unfortunately,they married with each other for all the wrong reasons and since then,nothing went right in their married life and finally,they got separated in 1984 without completing the divorce proceedings.The main reason for their breakup was the busy schedule of Rajesh Khanna which kept him away much of the time from her and it created a deep rift in their married relation.Then,Dimple decided firmly to give their relation a full stop and she desperately wanted to pursue her acting career.From this marriage,she has two daughters,Twinkle Khanna and Rinki Khanna.
Later on,Dimple had also to face a serious allegation for having slept so many times and keeping an affair with filmstar,Sunny Deol,a much younger man than her.


Anju Mahendroo        
Anju Mahendru,a fashion designer and an actress was the first love of superstar Rajesh Khanna before marrying with Dimple Kapadia.Their love story began in late 1960s and they also followed a live in relationship for almost seven years.Despite,they could not convert their relation into a married life and ultimately,they broke up.The reason for their breakup was the much more possessiveness of Rajesh towards Anju.Though he was conservative,orthodox and diplomatic but somehow he always get carried away by the ultra modern beauty.
Anju always made a complaint to Rajesh that he never give her freedom and he wanted to see Anju at home everytime whenever he returned from his work.On the contrary,Rajesh also kept blaming Anju for being egoist and self-centred because she didn't praise and appreciate his work everytime.


After getting failure in his love life with Anju Mahendru as well as in married life with Dimple Kapadia,Rajesh's grief was not less than a burning candle which spreads its light to everyone but at the same time,its own existence is diminishing gradually with the passing time.He was so struck with his empty life that he needed an another woman's arms to get out of this.And no surprise when time showed some mercy on him and the circumstances made him to meet with a very beautiful,talented and soft-natured lady,TINA MUNIM,also a well known actress.Though she was very immature and almost half in age than him,but he felt very relaxed in her company.Both did several movies together and their on-screen chemistry was proved to be successful.This made them come closer and closer and soon they were being noticed in the public having romantically involved in their personal life.Their affair began in 1984 after getting separated with Dimple.But the most interesting fact was that unlike other couples,they never tried to hide their relation publicly rather they announced that they were so much in love with each other that they even shared a toothbrush.Nevertheless,their relation could not find its destiny and everyone were unable to digest the fact that why Tina Munim moved ahead for abroad for pursuing higher studies leaving her love Rajesh Khanna alone once again.Later on after returning,Tina got married to multi-billionaire industrialist,Anil Ambani.


During his film career,Rajesh gave a number of hits and blockbusters with multi-talented actress Mumtaz.At one time,they were the most successful pair of bollywood.And as we all know,it has been a trend in our indian cinema to link up the successful on-screen pairs in their personal life also which we simply term as 'affair'.So,despite any strong proof,people started gossiping about their romantic involvement.Perhaps,it was not all about people's mistake,actually they were neighbours also,that's why their relationship was misunderstood.


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